➡️  Production Updates

LamaDiLuce. Since 2015, quality combat ready equipment for lightsaber fencing. Official Partner of LudoSport International.

➡️ Customize your modular Polaris combat-ready light saber hilt, starting from 299€ (Pushbutton version HERE).

Production Updates

⚠️Combat Pants S, XS  restock: end of February;

⚠️ Combat Subtunic Iniziato M restock: beginning of February;

“To become a good light saber dueler, overcome your impatience, you must.”

LamaDiLuce, attrezzatura da combattimento per corsi di scherma con la spada laser, dal 2015 partner ufficiale di LudoSport International.


If you have a problem, a question or a request for help, do not hesitate to send us an email to: shop@lamadiluce.it

ODR contact point, ai sensi del d.lgs. 130/15 (di attuazione della Direttiva 2013/11/UE sulla “risoluzione alternativa delle controversie dei consumatori”


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