We deliver customizable lightsabers⚔️ for combat, collectors or cosplay. Since 2015, the official technical partner of LudoSport International Academies.


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➡️ Worldwide deliveries in less than 20 working days

➡️ 2 years warranty and online customer care (check reviews on Facebook)

➡️ Modular design for endless customization (short sword, long sword, saberstaff)

➡️ Build the elegant weapon of your dreams with the Customization Tool 

➡️ Discover our technical Gloves designed specifically for lightsaber users

➡️ Production Updates


Production Updates

“To become a good light saber dueler, overcome your impatience, you must.”

Products appearing with “backorder” in your cart will have a longer delivery time, because they are not in stock and are in production.
Re-supply may require from 3 to 12 weeks, depending on the product.

ODR contact point, ai sensi del d.lgs. 130/15 (di attuazione della Direttiva 2013/11/UE sulla “risoluzione alternativa delle controversie dei consumatori” ODR