➡️  Production Updates

⚠️ We implemented measures required by authorities (and Se-Cu.Ri.) to work while keeping safe, check our Offers section, we are beginning special sales. ⚠️

LamaDiLuce. Since 2015, quality combat ready equipment for lightsaber fencing (learn more)

Production Updates

“To become a good light saber dueler, overcome your impatience, you must.”

⚔️ “Last Batch” Limited Edition now available. Reduced price on speakers, “Artiglio” emitter. Last units of Anima RGBW and Lightsaber Bag added to stock.⚔️

Official Partner of LudoSport International.

LamaDiLuce, attrezzatura da combattimento per corsi di scherma con la spada laser, dal 2015 partner ufficiale di LudoSport International.


If you have a problem, a question or a request for help, do not hesitate to send us an email to: shop@lamadiluce.it

ODR contact point, ai sensi del d.lgs. 130/15 (di attuazione della Direttiva 2013/11/UE sulla “risoluzione alternativa delle controversie dei consumatori”


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