Online Courses

Discover LudoSport Evolve, the online training system to increase your skills with the lightsaber and acquire the basics of combat.

“There is no try”. There is training.

LudoSport Evolve is an exciting way to learn techniques developed for the lightsaber. Discover a real world of fencing forms for competitive sporting duels, used in competitions and tournaments of the entire LudoSport network.

All you need is having fun!

Maybe you don’t own a Polaris or a lightsaber (yet)… so all what you will need is a stick, an umbrella, or a broomstick, a bit of space where to practise and… Imagination!

LudoSport Evolve course contents

Interactive training

Exercises, common mistakes, slow motion and details: all packaged by the Ludosport Evolve Team, in close cooperation with the Founding Masters, to guarantee a complete and impeccable training course

Course Certificate

At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate for completing the training and the compliments from all the Ludosport Evolve team and the Founding Masters