Polaris Assembly Instructions



A Modular System, endless customization possibilities!

POLARIS is composed of modular components, with them it is possible to create Daggers, Long Saber or Saber Staff.

Sizes in illustration above are not proportional.



All athletes desire their saber to be unique, and LamaDiLuce knows that. POLARIS modular hilt anodized parts give you the possibility to make yours unique (in addition to the duel marks earned while wielding it, of course). Furthermore, POLARIS has been designed to reduce body weight and give to you the chance to add customisable weight to improve the response it give to your movements. Within the POLARIS pommel there is a cavity where you can lock the desired weights with a practical cap.

Customization / Maintenance

POLARIS design enables easy maintenance, thanks to the quick assembly / disassembly off all components. There are no glued parts, making the operations fast and reversible.

POLARIS modular components are designed to fit independently of the year of release and model. Do not attempt to use parts that have not been designed by LamaDiLuce or Nordic Sabers.

In order to completely dismount POLARIS, you need an allen key and a screwdriver. In order to replace speaker, LED, you will need a welding iron and soldering paste (in addition of necessary spare parts). Any unauthorized welding on soundboard will result in an immediate loss of warranty.

Make sure you do not clip cables when tightening the emitter to the main body. Cable excess length is needed to accommodate the number of turns needed to complete the tightening of the emitter on the main body.

– Main Body –


EVO Anima (5.)
EVO Main Body (6.)
Anima Screw (14.)
Screwdriver (not included)

On the side where there is the LAMAdiLUCE word there is the USB port.

On the side where there is the LAMAdiLUCE logo there is the activation switch.

Insert the EVO Anima, starting from the threaded Support LED.
Match the side with the USB port to the side of the Main Body with the small threaded hole above the flat opening.

When the USB port is be aligned correctly, tighten the Anima setscrew.
On the opposite side of the Main Body, the activation switch will be aligned with the other opening.

– Emitter –


Emitter (1.)
Ring (3.)
Lens (4.)
Blade Screw (15.)

Place the lens and tighten the threaded Support LED (5a.) on the Emitter.

WARNING! Make sure the cables are in the appropriate compartments to prevent clipping them.

While tightening, keep the Lens straight and centered, so that the LED matches the Lens.

Turn emitter 3-4 times counterclockwise before tightening it clockwise to the Main Body, it will prevent excessive cable twist.

Make sure not to cut the cables by pinching them in the Main Body thread. If you feel that a clear lock doesn’t occur at the last rotation, cables might be obstructing the thread.

– Pommel –


LamaDiLuce Ring (8.)
Weight Disk (9.)
Weights (10.)
Pommel Adaptor (11.)
Pommel Mask (12.)
Pommel Plate (13.)
Screwdriver (not included)

Tighten the Pommel Mask at the Pommel Adaptor

Tighten the Pommel Plate in the Pommel Adaptor

Make sure it is screwed until the end.

Insert the LamaDiLuce ring and the Weights

Over time, during fights, it is possible that the Weight Disk could become loose. It is perceived from the tinkling of weights. If so, unlock the Pommel and tighten the disk again.

Weight Disk must be tightened firmly to lock the weights.

Tighten the Pommel to the Main Body.



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