Polaris SSe-1, the Sporting Light Saber

A brand new concept designed on the sporting standards and the specific requirements of combat, such as endurance of the hilt and a longer battery life.



A brand new concept designed on the sporting standards and the specific
requirements of combat, such as endurance of the hilt and a longer battery life.


Fiammanera™ soundboard

Anima system (Prewired, Plug&Play module with battery and speaker)

WildLights™ system for brightness levels management

• Easy recharge with the microUSB port

• Gesture activation with the innovative SignIte™ system.

• TruceTime™ system against unintentional switch off

• Original sound fonts by Cloverthree

Fiammamanager software (via USB) for audio and color customizations


Inside Anima, there is a technological heart of unique characteristics: Fiammanera™.

A powerful microprocessor, flash memory ensuring quick reading of the customizable sound banks, accelerometer, gyroscope and amplifier, all contained in a double-layered, circular shaped board of black color, located in the proximity of the pommel to maximize the sensitivity to any kind of motion.

An architecture that sets a new standard, redefining current response time, so that every movement is detected with higher precision.


Fiammanera™ is alive and kicking. The engineering team who designed the functionality worked in close contact with athletes aiming to the best efficiency for sporting combat in every regard.

The first area of ​​improvement was the elimination of the activation button, that – in case of unwilling press – typically caused the accidental powering off.

POLARIS has no more need of an activation button. Thanks to the unique SignIte™ system,Fiammanera™ recognizes the ritual gesture of activation, initializing sound, glowing of the blade and arming the saber without distractions.

No risk of powering off the sabar during combat: thanks to a unique integrated TruceTime™, even if the saber falls to the ground and turns off, the simple act of getting back hold of it will immediately light it up again!


The battery is a crucial element in any light saber, but especially while doing a sport activity.

To ensure a longer battery life, we planned Fiammanera™ to alert you when the battery is low, to manage power consumption of electronic components during stand-by, activating or deactivating them separately according to real need, thus reducing the absorption of energy.

When thinking about battery, we didn’t limit ourselves to concepts of life or reliability. We also thought about the typical inconvenience of having a dedicated battery charger as a necessary equipment.

POLARIS mounts a rechargeable Li-Ion 2900 mAh specially “armored” to absorb vibrations from impacts originating by sporting combat and a battery charger system integrated in the same Fiammanera™board. Recharging can be easily done through the practical microUSB port accessible from a dedicated opening on the hilt, in the same way you would charge your mobile phone or tablet – directly connecting a microUSB cable to a 5VDC USB power source. This way you will be able to charge POLARIS even from a PC, your car adapter, or from a flat screen TV provided with USB ports! A blue flash of the blade will indicate you when charging is complete.


The sounds that accompany the movements during combat have a great emotional impact and a strong evocative sense. We wanted to reshape them within the path of tradition, aiming again to raise the standard. An original Sound Design has been performed by Cloversound Studio which generated new sound banks – optimized for the speaker integrated in Anima and sounding board geometry.

POLARIS therefore has an original and unmistakable voice. But, if you wish so, you can easily load your own sound fonts, thanks to the communication through the same microUSB port you are using to charge the battery.


POLARIS can shine of the color you want, thanks to its integrated RGBW LED.

The color is customizable when you connect microUSB port of POLARIS to your Personal Computer thanks to the dedicated Software Fiammamanager™ which enables to change sounds and effects parameters too.

Three independent sound banks can be associated to different settings/color configurations of the blade, thus allowing you to infuse up to three different souls to your own light saber.

To better associate with the awesomeness of the battles, we developed the Wild Lights™, an innovative brightness management system able to provide, in addition to the color change at the impact, the variation of intensity adjusted by the gyroscopic system.

Now the intensity of your blade varies with its motion, resulting brighter while performing attack or defending techniques. In a static position, a flickering still can enhance the realism of the blade.


Polaris SSe-1 and SSe-2 are designed to comply with European Union CE marking according to:

CEI EN 61000-6-3 del 01/11/2007

CEI EN 61000-6-1 del 01/10/2007