Anodized Ring LamaDiLuce


Anodized (random color) aluminum and engraved ring, to give color and shine on your own Polaris, with the Star symbol and the writing “LAMADILUCE”.

Anello in alluminio anodizzato (colore casuale) ed inciso, per dar colore e far risplendere la propria Polaris con la Stella e la scritta “LAMADILUCE”.

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Anodized aluminum ring with laser engraved the Star logo and the writing “LAMADILUCE”. It can be mounted between the Main Body and the Pommel/Emitter (SSe-3, X2 or Artiglio) on a Polaris light saber.

Remember, every anodization color batch will be different from others making it more unique. Colored rings with the same anodization name may differ slightly from each other.


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 3.8 × 1 cm

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