Combat Blade for Sporting Light Saber

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Blade for light saber fencing sport entirely made with performance grade polycarbonate, optical quality diffusion film and adhesive reflectant mirror.
Lengths available for Light Saber, Light Dagger and Saber Staff.

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Combat Blade Tube - Ludosport

Polycarbonate tube used for making blades. It is not a complete Combat Blade because it's without the tip and the transparent reflective film.
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Combat Blade - EVO Tip

Internally marked with our signature star, LamaDiLuce EVO tip is designed for Combat Ready blades. Made of polycarbonate, unlike the traditional PMMA/Plex, the EVO tip grants higher durability performance with half of the weight that the previous generation. More light and maneuverability for bright perfomances. #combatready #blade #tip #evo

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Designed for long durability, light weight and high luminosity, this LAMADILUCE CombatBlade complies with LudoSport requirements when fitted in LamaDiLuce lightsabers.
Length: 92 cm “long blade”, 78 cm “staff blade” or 65 cm “short blade” (about 5 cm will go inside the hilt)
External diameter: 25 mm

It includes:
-2mm thick tube
-Innovative Polycarbonate EVO Tip with reflective adhesive
-Diffusion Film

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Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 90 × 3 × 3 cm

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