LudoSport Combat Subtunic

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NOTE: Black subtunic cannot be worn in LudoSport Rated competitions;

Colored Combat Subtunics are in compliance with the uniform standards:
Grey – mandatory for “Iniziato” rank athletes only and allowed for Instructors;
Colored – mandatory for “Accademico”, “Cavaliere” and “Maestro” ranks and LudoSport Instructors. (Orange production is currently discontinued, Yellow suspended).

We advise that some sub-tunics may come without the ‘Ludosport International Lightsaber Combat’ label.
This is because, during the pandemic, we produced a limited quantity of unmarked grey, green, red and yellow sub-tunics to symbolize the COVID-19 period and express our solidarity with all those who endured difficult times.
These special sub-tunics were our way of demonstrating unity and the decision was made by the Founding Masters, so please do not hesitate to use them in the tournament.

Form logo print on subtunics is an “on demand” service. Up to 15 additional working days will be required to deliver the order with respect to an off-the-shelf product.

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A unique garment with an original design conceived by LudoSport founders that blends far east traditions with elements of western spirit. It is made of pure cotton, lightweight, comfortable and long-lasting.

The subtunic is an essential part of the LudoSport uniform. It’s name is such because it is worn under the black Combat Tunic.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 5 cm

Black, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue


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