LudoSport Combat Tunic


Only for registered LudoSport athletes. The hallmark of the LudoSport member, with an unmistakable cut with wide three-quarter sleeves and a front flag whose length accompanies the athlete’s academic growth, and a sideband signifying the rank of Instructor (leather color) or Master (wisteria color).
A unique garment with original design, made of pure cotton, lightweight, comfortable and long-lasting.
It can be used as a single element during workouts or as part over a Subtunic on official occasions requiring the complete uniform.

NOTE: Cavaliere Tunic production has been discontinued. The Cavaliere Belt Band will be used to officially show Cavaliere rank by athletes starting from 2023/24 academic year.


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Pure 100% cotton tunic.
Essential part of the LudoSport official uniform restricted to ranks: Iniziato, Accademico.


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Dimensions 37 × 30 × 1 cm



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