Dual Wielding Polaris EVO Bundle

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We celebrate the NEW Arduino based saber core Anima EVO RGBW with a Limited Dual Wielding bundle! Until end of stock, you can have at a special price:

  • 2x Polaris combat ready twin light sabers consisting each in
    1x SSe-2 Legacy Main Body fitted to mount the new Arduino based electonic core Anima EVO RGBW;
    1x Artiglio Emitter allowing quick blade mount/removal without tools;
    1x Combat Blade (short saber standard);
    4x metal Rings (one is black anodized and engraved with LamaDiLuce logo and brand);
    1x weight (pommel cavity stores up to 4);
    3x o-rings to personalize grip and 1x Allen key for standard blade lock;
  • 1x New 2020 edition of LamaDiLuce Bag for lightsaber;
  • 1x English copy of the metadimensional comic book “A Story of Light: Polaris”;

Available bundle optional add-ons, with a SPECIAL DISCOUNT:

  • 1x Combat Gloves EVO designed for light saber combat;
  • 1x Limited Edition V-Neck Tee “Distanza!” promoting safe behaviour during Covid-19 pandemic;
  • 1x LudoSport Warrior Logo pendant;
  • 1x Coupler to connect two Polaris into a saberstaff;
  • 1-3x Extra balance weights;

Quick User Guide and Warranty Activation links are available on the product page.

Polaris EVO and Anima EVO RGBW are compliant with the requirements defined by:

  • CEI EN 55035
  • CEI EN 55032


Hilt size: 25 cm
Hilt weight: 455 g (considering 1x balance weight provided in the bundle)


Since 2015, Polaris is a modular concept designed in Italy to provide the best performance in combat and has become a sporting standard thanks to quality, endurance, safety and battery life.

  • Signature Gesture of Activation/Deactivation and blade color selection;
  • Sound and LED RGBW;
  • Adjustable hilt size through addition of rings or interchangeable modular hilt parts;
  • Adjustable hilt balance thanks to the addition of brass weights (maximum 4);
  • Modular design. You can combine two Polaris SSe-3 hilts with a coupler to create a saberstaff;

Polaris is an approved LudoSport SMR Model.

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 99 × 9 × 9 cm