Eco-friendly Combat Blade replacement

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Reduce waste and save money with the Eco-friendly Replacement kit for Combat Blade. This product allows you to substitute an existing worn/damaged Combat Blade if you could save the internal diffusion film.

The Eco-friendly Replacement includes:
– Innovative Polycarbonate EVO Tip with reflective adhesive;
– 2mm thick Polycarbonate Blade Tube laser marked as per LudoSport standards (select size in the menù);
o) EVO Tip is already glued to the Blade Tube;
o) This product does NOT include the diffusion film, you must re-use one you already own!

Only LudoSport Academy members active on myludosport have the right to purchase this product.


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Combat Blade Tube - LudoSport

Top quality polycarbonate tube granting LamaDiLuce Combat Blades flexibility and resilience. Tube is glued to the EVO tip with a special adhesive for the highest durability.
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Combat Blade - EVO Tip

Internally marked with LamaDiLuce star, EVO tip is made of top quality polycarbonate. Unlike the traditional PMMA/Plex, the EVO tip grants higher durability performance with half of the weight that the previous generation. #combatready #blade #tip #evo #lightsaber #fencing

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Designed for long durability, light weight and high luminosity, this LAMADILUCE CombatBlade complies with LudoSport requirements when fitted in LamaDiLuce lightsabers.
Length: 92 cm “long blade”, 78cm for “saber staff” or 65 cm “short blade” (5 cm will go inside the hilt)
External diameter: 25 mm

It includes:
-2mm thick tube
-Innovative Polycarbonate EVO Tip with reflective adhesive

Progettata per ottimizzare resistenza all’uso, leggerezza e luminosità, la CombatBlade LAMADILUCE rispetta le caratteristiche specifiche LudoSport quando inserita in una spada LamaDiLuce.
Lunghezza: 92 cm “lama lunga”, 78cm bastone bicipite o 65 cm “lama corta” (circa 5 cm andranno dentro l’elsa)
Diametro esterno: 25 mm

-Tubo di 2mm di spessore
-Innovativo Tappo EVO in policarbonato con adesivo riflettente

#spadalaser #lightsaber #sabrelaser #combatready #customsaber #lamadiluce

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 90 × 3 × 3 cm

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