Electronic Core “Anima EVO”


The Arduino-based electronic core “Anima EVO” developed for Polaris is available for DIY installations!

– Arduino-based electronic board; 
– Li-Ion 18650 protected battery;
– Policarbonate chassis;
– RGBW LED with threaded heatsink (LED support)
– 2W 8 Ohm Speaker (+1 free spare Speaker)
– 2x set screws to lock Anima EVO inside a Polaris Main Body.
– 1x Lens for RGBW LED compatible with Polaris Emitters.

Open Source Firmware. OEM features can be expanded by the community;
– Gesture controls. With simple gestures, you can light-up/switch-off your saber, activate a mute function or select a color among the 8 available pre-sets;
Standard / Smoothswing sound. You can select what you prefer or load your font (RAW file format supported);
4 LED Color customization. 0-100% independent tuning of Red, Green, Blue and White channels;
Micro USB type B port. Enables battery charging, firmware update, sound upload and color configuration (requires battery charger and/or computer);
Kill switch. Setting it to OFF prevents battery discharge, disconnecting battery from the electronic components, LEDs and speaker;
NOTE: the battery can be charged also while the kill switch is set to “OFF”
JST connectors. Enables quick removal / replacement of battery or speaker;

Check news on Polaris EVO page to learn about open source project updates!

Anima EVO no longer available due to key components out of production.
LamaDiLuce current electronic core design is Anima NXT:

Go to Anima NXT product page

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