Training Gloves NXT


LamaDiLuce Training Gloves NXT represent the peak of development ensuring the best protection without sacrificing comfort, breathability and ergonomics.


– 4-axis stretch fabric base reinforced with synthetic suede inserts in the grip surfaces

– asymmetric, high-dampening factor thermoplastic elastomer coating protects the hand from impacts

– A long Velcro strap allows adjustment of the closure on the wrist while protecting it too

– An overall aesthetic enriched with LamaDiLuce logos as well as the refined symbols of LudoSport

A product dedicated to athletes and developed from athletes over years of valuable feedback for the optimization of this garment to get the best performance practicing lightsaber combat.


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Gloves NXT satisfy the need of an effective shock protection for practitioners of sporting light saber combat granting high mobility of hand joints and a pleasant wearability.

The project was born from two demands that could apparently seem conflicting. On one side, the need of a real shock protection for practitioners of sporting light saber combat, a new form of competition where impacts on hands are frequent. On the other side, the guarantee of a high mobility of hand joints and a pleasant wearability even during prolonged physical activity.

The LamaDiLuce glove – tested by LudoSport – reached the goal thanks to the selection of materials and the accuracy of the protections’ positioning. The comfort of this glove makes it a technical accessory representing the best solution ever for sporting light saber combat athletes, with a tested usefulness even in other practices like airsoft, biking etc.

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Dimensions 26 × 16 × 4 cm

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