Form 1 Instructor Course – Milan – Balance Payment

200.00 640.00 

FULL COURSE TOTAL FEE (inclusive of training gear): 890,00€ VAT INCLUDED.
Early Birds attending the  FULL COURSE will receive a Mystery Polaris at the venue for FREE!
Early Bird total payment deadline: September 30th, 2019.
SHORT COURSE TOTAL FEE (no gear provided): 450,00€ VAT INCLUDED.

1) Purchase this product -a reservation deposit. The deposit will be deducted from total fee when you will do the balance payment;
2) Fill in the online subscription form that will be linked to you by email;
3) Complete the payment (890€ – 250€ = 640€ VAT included for FULL COURSE, correspondingly 200€ for the short course) using the link that will be emailed to you after review of the subscription Form.

Payment within September 30th, 2019 will trigger the Early Bird benefit (Mystery Polaris)! Standard deadline is October 20th 2019.


When Where Fee

Payment Deadline

Form 1 FULL COURSE including exam (*)
Limited places available. Course is held in English.
November 1st – 9.30AM
November 8th 5.30PM
LudoSport “La Cripta”
Via Padre Kolbe,5
20137 Milano
890€ VAT Included Early Bird
Sep. 30th 2019 Standard
Oct. 20th 2019
Form 1 SHORT COURSE including exam (*)
Requires successful completion of LudoSport Form 1 Style exam or attendance to a Pre-Course certified by a LudoSport Form 1 instructor.
Limited places available. Course is held in English.
November 5th – 9.30AM
November 8th 5.30PM
LudoSport “La Cripta”
Via Padre Kolbe,5
20137 Milano
450€ VAT Included Standard
Oct. 20th 2019


Course Participation Fee includes:

o) Polaris Mystery hilt (FULL COURSE Early Birds only)
o) Exclusive LudoSport Combat Tee (FULL COURSE only)
o) Exclusive LudoSport Combat Pants (FULL COURSE only)
o) LudoSport Combat Gloves EVO (FULL COURSE only)
o) LudoSport Pendant (FULL COURSE only)
o) Use of the Combat Blades provided at the venue
o) Access to regular Form 1 classes officiated by other expert instructors during the week
o) Form 1 Instructor manual
(*) Listing on LudoSport official page is included and requires successful pass of the review exam;

Travel and accommodation not included. Non refundable cancellation fee: €50 until September 30th, 2019; 250€ until October 20th, 2019; 400€ later than October 20th;

Since 2007, the Society of LudoSport Masters provides quality education on saber combat form techniques and the required teaching skills to prepare candidates for the proficiency exam necessary to obtain the certificate. A successful exam (passing grade not guaranteed) qualifies the participant as instructor authorized to teach SLM original saber combat sport form in any LudoSport International authorized Academy worldwide.

If you still want LudoSport to run courses in your city, tell us HERE and #spreadthelight!


Size of Uniform and Gloves for FULL COURSE. *

Tell us here the size of the following gear that will be provided to you at the beginning of the course or indicate “Short Course”.
Example: “Combat Tee size M, Combat Pants size S, Combat Gloves EVO size XXS”

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Additional information

Course Type

FULL: Nov 1st->8th, SHORT: Nov 5th->8th (only for LudoSport athletes)