Polaris Basic (Hilt Only)


Polaris EVO, the state of the art of customizable, combat-ready hilts.

This basic product is an empty hilt only. Electronic core and Combat Blade can be purchased as separate products and installed automously in a later moment.

– 1x Emitter EVO Aluminum;
– 1x Pommel EVO Aluminum;
– 1x Main Body EVO Aluminum;
– 1x Pommel plate to lock weights;
– 2x Stainless Steel set-screws for Combat Blade;

Size customization. Adjustable 26 -28 cm through addition of metal rings (max 2) purchaseable separately;
Adjustable weight & balance. Choose yours by adding/removing weights from the pommel cavity (max 4) purchaseable separately;
– Saberstaff ready. You can combine two Polaris hilts into a saberstaff with a coupler purchaseable separately;
– Modular components. You can replace single parts of your hilt with others of Polaris modular system in the future;
– Ergonomic Grip. Hilt shape has been designed following the need of athletes’ hands
Twin threaded holes for blade lock. You can secure the Combat Blade with a 100% redundant lock.

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The optional installation of RGBW Anima EVO electronic core will bring your hilt to life, providing the following OEM functionalities (additional functions can be found in the open source community on github):

Blade color selection with a gesture. Choose your color from the 8 available pre-sets.
Smoothswing Sound. The greatest realism in the sound FX for a light saber.
Silent mode. Need to practice with light FX but without making noise? Just tap Polaris when activating it.
– Up to 5 hours of continuous use (depends on color in use).
USB Charging. Any 5V USB power source will work.

Did you know?
Polaris first appearance in public was during LudoSport EuropArena on May 22nd 2015, the first and largest International competition of this kind until then! 


Polaris is an approved LudoSport SMR Model.

Submit here your Polaris saber for LudoSport Sporting Sabers Register (SSR) listing. Quick User Guide and Warranty Activation links are available on the product page.
Polaris EVO and Anima EVO RGBW are compliant with the requirements defined by:

  • CEI EN 55035
  • CEI EN 55032


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 17 × 7 cm

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