Polaris EVO light saber – Basic


All the new Polaris EVO features in an aeronautical aluminum alloy hilt:

Color selection with a gesture. Choose your color from the 8 available pre-sets! [NEW]
Silent mode. Need to practice without making noise? Just tap Polaris when activating it! [NEW]
4+ hours of continuous use. Li-Ion battery capacity increases to 3.200mAh! [NEW]
Self calibration. No more need to calibrate your Polaris to ensure recognition of your gestures! [NEW]
Faster Charging. Charge time reduced by 20% despite increase of battery life! [NEW]
– Increased grip ! New Main Body shape for a better handling! [NEW]

Did you know?
Polaris first appearance in public was during LudoSport EuropArena on May 22nd 2015, the first and largest International competition of this kind until then! 

Hilt size: 26 cm (customizable with extra parts or a coupler to build a saberstaff)
Hilt weight: 490-500 g (with 3x balance weights provided in the bundle)
This product does not include a Combat Blade.

Polaris is an approved LudoSport SMR Model.

Submit here your saber for LudoSport Sporting Sabers Register (SSR) listing. Quick User Guide and Warranty Activation links are available on the product page.

Polaris EVO and Anima EVO RGBW are compliant with the requirements defined by:

  • CEI EN 55035
  • CEI EN 55032

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Since its debut, Polaris (like the name of the star it bears) has become a reference for lightsaber enthusiasts and an inspiration for other manufacturers to begin similar productions.
A living project where LamaDiLuce constantly invested to evolve quality and performance.
Through the years, LamaDiLuce Team collected feedbacks from worldwide users, developing and implementing upgrades with the purpose of improving the user experience, for instance:
– gestures simplification;
– modular hilt design: your saber can become a double bladed weapon in few steps);
– polycarbonate tip for combat blades
– artiglio emitter to quickly swap blades
– polycarbonate chassis for a better soundboard and speaker shock protection;

Anima EVO OEM features

LamaDiLuce initial design provides an easy and friendly user experience that can be further expanded accessing the open source firmwares released on Github. Here’s a list of built in features:

– Anima EVO doesn’t need calibration process, it automatically sets up and adjusts on its own and grants accurate and immediate gesture recognition.
– LED color of the blade can be easily selected among pre-sets with a simple gesture.
– Silent mode can be activated with a simple tap on the hilt.
– Li-ion 18650 capacity of 3.200mAh grants hours of continuous use before needing to charge.
– Charge time has been reduced to approx 4h starting from fully drained battery.
– Kill switch is accessible from a dedicated opening and operated with a pen or equivalent sized tool.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 8 cm

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