Polaris EVO Pommel – Aluminum


EVO is the ultimate Polaris Pommel, recollecting in its design the return of experience provided by thousands of LudoSport athletes worldwide. The curves of EVO Pommel recall LamaDiLuce original SSe-1 shapes, while further improving the tactile comfort and the grip performance.

A piece chiseled by experience, available in different surface finish: LamaDiLuce exclusive microtextured Dark Matter (TM), Lunar Mist (TM), Cobalt Nebula(TM), Solar Flare(TM) or the plain shiny Aluminum.

Total Length: 52 mm (adds 34 mm to EVO Main Body or 44 mm with one Ring)
Max Diameter: 38 mm
Empty weight: 66 g ( Tolerance <2%)
Weight with 4x Brass weights and aluminum retention cap: 220 g
Weight with 4x 81 g Tungsten weights + 1x 41 g Tungsten weight, and aluminum retention cap 437g
Material: aeronautical aluminum alloy

Like all Polaris parts, EVO Pommel is modular and interchangeable. It can be mounted on any model of Main Body (Plain Rings are required on SSe-1 and SSe-2 main bodies), providing the chance to assemble an even more unique sporting lightsaber hilt.

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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 cm