Polaris “Last Batch”

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The Last Batch, a special limited edition of Dark Matter hilts, the last mounting the traditional Anima RGBW, produced in thousands of units since 2015.

All versions include:
1x Emitter SSe-3 Dark Matter
1x Lens for LED RGBW
1x Plain Ring Dark Matter
1x Main Body SSe-3 Dark Matter
1x Pommel Adaptor SSe-3 Dark Matter
1x Pommel Plate Dark Matter
1x Anima Set Screw
1x Blade Set Screw
1x Weight Lock Disk
4x Balance Weights
1x Coupler (enables creation of a saberstaff)

Standard Version (4 available) is equipped with: 1x Anima RGBW and 1x Brass Plain Ring
Exclusions: Combat Blade is not included, USB charging cable type B is not included

We will ship the order within 2 weeks from the order payment. Custom Tattoo engraving may add 2-3 weeks. Color of each part composing the hilt, even if with the same name, can have slight differences due to anodization process characteristic features.

Did you know?

Polaris first appearance in public was during LudoSport EuropArena on May 22nd 2015, the first and largest International competition of this kind until then! 

Only LudoSport Academy members active on myludosport have the right to purchase this product.


Research & Development Donation

You can help our researches to further develop the best customizable lightsaber for competitions. Thank you for trusting in us and our commitment with a free donation.

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Polaris is a modular concept designed in Italy to provide the best performance in combat and has become a sporting standard thanks to quality, endurance, safety and battery life.
  • Signature Gesture Activation/Deactivation;
  • Full customization of Red, Green, Blue and White LED and sounds thanks to the Fiamma Manager software;
  • Adjustable hilt size through addition of metal rings (min 2 / max 4);
  • Suitable for indoor use in the range of +5/+35°C and 20-70% relative humidity;
  • Modular design. You can combine two Polaris SSe-3 hilts with a coupler to create a saberstaff;

Polaris is an approved LudoSport SMR Model.

Submit here your saber for LudoSport Sporting Sabers Register listing.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 35 × 8 × 8 cm

Standard, Pushbutton

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