Polaris SSe-3 Pommel Plate

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Lower part of the SSe-3 Pommel.
Threaded disc. Available in different colors and materials.
It can be customized by laser engraving (template download here)

Parte inferiore del Pomello SSe-3.
Disco filettato. Disponibile in diversi colori e materiali.
Personalizzabile mediante incisione laser (scarica il template qui)



Optional Tattoo – LASER ENGRAVING

1. You own the right to authorize LamaDiLuce and third party lab to engrave the text/images;
2. LamaDiLuce Team has the right to reject illegal / offensive contents;
3. Any file format other than “*.pdf” will be disregarded;
4. Vector file will be engraved only in case they are black & white (black color will become the engraved part. Real color of the engraving is not black);
5. Processing a custom engraving request MAY add 2-3 weeks to delivery time for the equivalent standard product;

NOTE: Graphic provided must be contained in a CIRCLE of 20 mm diameter. Image will not be resized or adjusted.

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Customizable threaded aluminum plate designed to become the bottom of Polaris SSe-3 Pommel.
The flat part makes it possible to place the Polaris in vertical and stable position.

Disco personalizzabile in alluminio, filettato e progettato per diventare il terminale del Pomello di Polaris SSe-3.
La parte piatta rende possibile appoggiare la Polaris in posizione verticale e stabile.


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Weight N/A
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 0.04 cm

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