Polaris SSe-3 Pommel Plate

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Originally designed for Polaris SSe-3 combat ready light saber, it completes the Pommel Adaptor. Available in different colors and materials. Laser engraving color / depth depend on base material. All anodized plates can be engraved White / Black / Deep (grey). Solid materials can be engraved Deep (aluminum) or Standard (brass / inox).

Originariamente progettato per la spada laser da combattimento Polaris SSe-3, si avvita nel Pommel Adaptor. Disponibile in diversi colori e materiali. Disponibile servizio di incisione laser con colori dipendenti dal materiale scelto. Tutte le opzioni anodizzate possono essere incise di colore bianco, nero o profondo (grigio). I materiali base possono essere incisi profondamente (alluminio) o con una procedura standard (ottone / inox)




Optional Tattoo – LASER ENGRAVING

1. You own the right to authorize LamaDiLuce and third party lab to engrave the text/images;
2. LamaDiLuce Team has the right to reject illegal / offensive contents. Engraving cost will be refunded;
3. Vector files not compliant to instructions indicated in this page will be rejected. Engraving will not be performed and no refund will be provided;
4. You understand and accept that custom engraving could require additional 20 days to be ready for shipment with respect to standard product;

Research & Development Donation

You can help our researches to further develop the best customizable lightsaber for competitions. Thank you for trusting in us and our commitment with a free donation.

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Threaded plate designed to become the bottom of Polaris SSe-3 Pommel.

Disco in alluminio, filettato e progettato per diventare il terminale del Pomello di Polaris SSe-3.

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Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 0.04 cm

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